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There’s a Song in my Head.

(“There’s a song in my head” by Martha and the Muffins 1985 – NOT my kind of music by the way.)   The way the brain works fascinates me. It seems to favour the most unexpected linkages between memories. What … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of Photography

One of my Facebook friends (a photographer) commented on another photographer’s picture, so I got to see the photo too. It was a stunning photograph but an interesting thing for me was the photographer’s description of the ‘post-processing’ that the … Continue reading

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In an advert for Cheezles (a cheese flavoured snack) two mice are discussing the risks of trying for a Cheezle. One says “It’s worth a crack, Nigel”. Nigel apparently ┬átries for the Cheezle, and there is the crack of a … Continue reading

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If you want to count sheep, count the legs and divide by four. This piece of faux folk-wisdom has, as is usual in such cases, a grain of truth. The human eye finds it easier to distinguish elongated objects if … Continue reading

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