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A Sunny Day

Everyone loves a sunny day. Well, most people, most of the time love a sunny day. A farmer in the middle of a drought might prefer a substantial downpour. Sometimes, too, it can be too hot and that can be … Continue reading

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Why do people do evil and nasty things?

It is common in crime dramas on TV for the detective to exclaim “Where is the motive?”.  When the motive is found it goes a long way towards solving the crime. Eventually the perpetrator gives in and confesses or is … Continue reading

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Swings and roundabouts – a question of balance

People are urged to strive for a “work/life balance”. This apparently implies that they are spending too much time working and not enough time going sky-diving, spear-fishing or taking the kids to the zoo. I doubt that it is ever … Continue reading

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Quite a Quiche

Ooops! Late again. I really have to get myself organised and get a post out on time. On time is sometime before last thing Sunday. Today is Tuesday! Anyway, this time I’m going to do a cooking post as I … Continue reading

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