A Note About Copyright – Please Read

If I make my works available on the Internet, either for free, or for purchase, this does not mean that I have given up all rights to my works. In fact I retain all rights to them.

This is true for all works made available on the Internet, and it is a fiction that if a work is made available on the Internet that it is ‘in the public domain’. This holds for everything, and if someone takes an image from the Internet, and posts it elsewhere on the Internet, either unchanged or modified in any way, they are in breach of copyright, unless they have specific permission.

The owner who posts their work on the Internet does NOT have to specifically claim copyright. However many people choose to do so, to avoid any confusion.

So, I hereby claim copyright, as of February 2020, to all the works that I have made available on this website.

I do not claim copyright over images that I have downloaded to decorate my blog posts. I have tried to ascertain that the images that I have downloaded are free of copyright, or that the owner has given permission for their work to be freely used. Many of them have come from Freeimages, or similar websites, and where I can, I have included mention of ownership.

If you believe that I have infringed on your copyright, please let me know, and I will remove the work in question.

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