Unicorn Stories

I’ve written a series of stories about Unicorns – blindingly white equine creatures with razor sharp spiral horns on their heads – and the humans who bond with them, and it makes sense to group them together here.

The stories are linked, in that some of the characters make an appearance in more than one story, but each story should be readable on its own. Since they are linked so they all take place in the same fictional Universe. If I write more stories of Unicorns in a different fictional Universe, I may make them available somewhere else.

You can download a PDF version of any of my stories from this web site, for free, but if you enjoy them, please consider donating via Paypal (you don’t have to have Paypal to do it). Thank you.

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The Unicorn

Who is the Gully who the Lady Lindis talks to in her mind? She is drawn into a conflict between the Duke of New Castle and the Witch. Which side will she choose?

The Fool

The Fool is the Regent and rules the City. He is busy rebuilding the Orphanage which burnt down, fortunately with no loss of life. He is upset that young kids are being found dead in the river, so he sets a pair of experienced investigators on the case.


Evan’s mount is in foal, and although she is an ordinary horse, her foal will be a Unicorn. But when the foal is born, something unprecedented occurs, which results a division in the ranks of the Unicorns.

A Horrible Place

The road is lined with dead bodies, executed men and women on poles. Evan and the Lady Lindis cautiously investigate, and help the oppressed citizens of this horrible place. Chronologically this story happens before “Princess”, above.

Abomination (working title)

Evan and Kiri work as security for the big race, but Evan is knocked out. He and Kiri investigate, helped by Princess, who can talk directly to the race horses.

(This story is incomplete. I will upload it when I’ve completed it.)

A Lost Child

The Lady Lindis finds a baby beside the road. She and Gully decide that they couldn’t possibly take the child along with them, but it is not as easy as that.

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