Short Stories

I’ve written a few stories which don’t mention or involve the Mage and the Boffin, so I’ve included them here. I’ll probably add to the list as time goes by, so please check back now and then. I’ll try to mention them on my blog pages and also on my Facebook Author page.

So far I’ve got a trio of ‘student wizard’ stories, a kidnapping story involving an assassin, a mysterious pool, a unicorn, a love story, and an interstellar journey, and more. I’ll list them below.

Writer’s Block

The interstellar journey is going well. It’s quiet, boring even. Then the engines which are driving the ship through the void just stop. The crew need to consult with the Captain.


Bobby is planning to leave her boyfriend, so she lets him take her to his place for the first and last time. She tells her long time partner, Louie, “Stage one completed.”

The Assassin’s Sister

If anyone should suspect that she is an Assassin, her friends and family and she herself would be in mortal danger. Then her sister goes missing. The Assassin has to take immediate action.

The Worst Wizard

George’s mother has threatened to kick him out, so he is trying to find a suitable profession. He nearly gets into the Assassins’ Guild, but he can’t kill a living creature, so he is let go. After a near disastrous interview for the Wizards’ Guild, he is given a chance to learn to be a wizard.

The Kidnapping

The pet cockatrice of the Master of the Assassins’ Guild disappears, and George and his friends start to search for the beast. The Master receives a ransom demand for his pet, Jasper, and George and his friends redouble their efforts.

The Girl in the Pool

Joe is planning on taking a photograph of the setting sun reflected in a quiet pool, but something causes the pool to ripple. Joe thinks that it might be an otter, but it turns out to be a girl, swimming in the pool in the dusk.

(Temporarily removed)

Two Into One Doesn’t Go

Frank wants to do something charitable, so he rents out his body to someone who has been killed in an accident and whose mind has been placed into storage. But David turns out to be a less than ideal tenant, and Frank has to go to court to evict him.

The Wizard and His Friends

George is about to start his third and final year of studying to be a wizard, but as his friend, Smoll, says “What will be the excitement this year?” George and his fellow students discover that they have an extra task this year, one which they are, for the most part, happy to undertake.

May and September

Jerry is in his car when he is shunted from behind into traffic. He is badly shaken, but his worst injuries and to his legs. He employs Trixie to help him out, and Trixie moves into the bedsit attached to the house that his sons used to live in.

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