My Published Books

I’ve self-published a few books now, so I have decided to create this page, so that I can provide links to the locations where you can find them. It should make it easier to find them!

I have published them in eBook format on Amazon, Kobo Books, and Smashwords. Smashwords also distributes the eBooks to several eBook retailers so you may find them elsewhere. I have also published some of them in paperback form on Amazon, using their “print on demand” service.

So, here are the links to my Author Pages :

The current list of my books is as follows.

  • The Last Beautiful Woman – available as eBook or paperback
  • The Shock of her Life – available as eBook
  • The Mage and The Boffin – available as eBook
  • The Mage and The Boffin (part one) – available as paperback
  • The Mage and The Boffin (part two) – available as paperback
  • How I wrote and self-published my first book – available as eBook
  • The Castle – (new) available as eBook

Please note that The Mage and The Boffin eBook was split into two paperbacks because of size issues.


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