The Mage and the Boffin Part 2

Sea Dragons

The Mage and the Boffin are relaxing at the beach, but are asked to help save a coral reef and some delightful babies. They acquire some apprentices.

Water, As Far As The Eye Can See

The Boffin suffers a knock on the head and loses her memory, and the Mage mounts a search for her. But Mouse knows where his Great Gran is.

Selene Base

The Boffin flies to the Moon, while the Mage mans Home Base.

Cloud Skiing

The Mage enjoys a day in the clouds, while the pregnant Boffin relaxes at the lodge.

Mouse’s Friend

The Mage gets visited by his great grandson, Mouse. Mouse makes a friend called Jasper, who leads Mouse and the Mage to a very hot place.


Two bear cubs surprise a set of twin girls. They help the girls and mother with a couple of issues with their neighbour. The Mage and the Boffin take a trip to meet the bears and later relax at the lake.

Mouse and Moth

The Mage and the Boffin’s great grandson, Mouse, comes across someone in the wood. A girl. This is the start of a romance, which leads to a battle, a loss, another romance, a picnic in the woods, and a surprise. Along the way the Mage and the Boffin offer advice and support, and Mouse’s mother, George, helps battle a monster, while his father, Will, uses his medical skills to help a young girl.

The Man in the Mountain

The Boffin and the Mage help an old friend in his last hours and reflect on an enjoyable time in their long lives. Many years later a young miner stumbles on a hidden tomb and is rescued from a mine collapse by some small friends.

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