The Mage and the Boffin Part 1

The King Gets What He Wants

The Mage and the Boffin try to solve a problem. The result is not what was intended, but the King makes the mistake of kidnapping their sons.

Golden Hair and the Bears

In which the Mage and the Boffin’s daughter makes friends with a family of bears.

Dragon on the Roof

What do you do if you find a dragon on your roof? Why, you go and find out why it is there, of course.

The Quest

The Mage and the Boffin’s three sons go on a quest, where they discover a dragon, the theatre, and a Gremlin.

The Forgetting

A war between two paradigms. One man becomes the focus of huge powers, everyone forgets, and one version of the story of the origin of the Mage and the Boffin is told.

Ella and the Prince

A young girl want to go to the Prince’s party, but her stepmother makes her complete the chores. But that’s not the whole story.

The Boy Who Followed the Dragons

A boy called Paddy is fascinated by dragons and this leads him to take steps in a dangerous direction. This is a prequel of sorts to “Dragon on the Roof”.

The Robot Life

The Mage and the Boffin meet a robot. Or do they meet a human pretending to be a robot?

The Red Hoodie Gang

A young girl and her Granny fall on hard times. She enlists her strange friend to try and raise some money. Will she fall foul of the local Constable?

A Bit of a Muddle

Two women. One gives birth to twins, and one can’t have children. Or do they each give birth to a single baby? The Mage and the Boffin need to sort out a bit of a muddle.

The Great Scientist

The Mage and the Boffin discover a space almost ruined by “The Great Scientist”. They help some natives of the space in their fight against him.

Three Wishes

The Mage and the Boffin meet a Genie and visit him at home in his lamp.

Duplicated Man

The Mage and the Boffin help a boy who has managed to duplicate himself. The Boffin tries hard to help, but the Mage has the answer.


The Mage and the Boffin find a different way of doing things, after being left almost powerless in a space where things are done differently.

A Chat with God

The Mage and the Boffin visit a space where a big battle is going on. They chat with God about wars and the human race.

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