About The Mage and the Boffin Stories

These stories have been published as an eBook and a paperback. They are available from several vendors.

The Mage and Boffin series of stories are short stories mainly about two remarkable people. Imagine a world where, at some time in the past, people became unable to understand each other and unable to make sense of things written down. Since that time, they have redeveloped language and rediscovered writing.

Some old tales from before the time of the Forgetting were written down soon after the event, but language and writing has changed, as it does, and the old documents have to be carefully studied and deciphered.

The Mage and Boffin stories are deciphered documents from that time. As such, they may contradict one another, as really old documents often do. These stories have links to the stories of Affie’s world, as in the story called “The Castle” and some of my other longer stories.

In order of reading, the stories are :


The following stories have not yet been published in a collection :

If you would like to read all the Mage and Boffin stories, you can download a zip file here. These files may contain updated versions of the individual files, and may contain extra files that that are not in the list above. However, I will try to keep the individual files in step with the zip files.

UPDATE (November 28, 2020)

I have edited my stories to remove the odd grammatical error, and to improve the readability of them. I’ve strung them all together in one big PDF, which is available here. This compendium includes all the stories up to “The Man in the Mountain.” Please download the file and enjoy!

Some of my stories have been published on Amazon (as eBooks and paperbacks) and Kobobooks and Smashwords (as eBooks). Here are the links to my Author Pages on those sites.

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