The Mage and the Boffin Stories

The Mage and Boffin series of stories are short stories mainly about these two people. Imagine a world where, at some time in the past, people became unable to understand each other and unable to make sense of things written down. Since that time, they have redeveloped language and rediscovered writing.

Some old tales from before the time of the Forgetting were written down soon after the event, but language and writing has changed, as it does, and the old documents have to be carefully studied and deciphered.

The Mage and Boffin stories are deciphered documents from that time. As such, they may contradict one another, as really old documents often do. These stories have links to the stories of Affie’s world, as in the story called “The Castle” and some of my other longer stories.

In order of reading, the stories are :