This is my blog on cooking, photography, philosophy, writing, and some other stuff.

Any images that you see on my website are purely for decoration and may link to sites on the Internet which do not reflect my views.

I am a long time professional in Information Technology. I have been in the business since the late 1970’s when I worked on IBM mainframes. I switched to working with Intel technologies initially with DOS and Windows, eventually becoming a Microsft MVP in Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory technologies. I have spent recent years specialising in Systems Administration on Linux systems (and I’ve dabbled in other Unix type technologies in the past).

I’ve been retired for several years and I’m loving it. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. There is a saying “You can’t beat Wellington on a good day”. It’s not too bad on a bad day either.

Since I retired I have been spending a lot of my time writing stories. I’ve loaded many of them to my site, here. Please visit the link and see if there is anything there that interests you.

© Cliff Pratt, 2020. All rights to items downloaded from this website are reserved.

I’ve also self-published some of my stories on Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords. My author pages are shown below.

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