The Mage and the Boffin Part 3

Here’s my latest batch of stories. I hope that you enjoy them.

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I met Doh when she and I both jumped out of a plane. We decided to travel together and she showed me places and things that I could never have imagined. This is the story of Doh.

The Boy, the Girl, and the Dragon

Idris was a dragon. Not a large, fierce, fire-breathing dragon, but a small, friendly, just out of the shell dragon. Jim had taken it upon himself to return Idris to his mother. Enter Lotty, the Dragon Slayer.

The World Within

Fi appears to be normal girl just starting at University, but she has a secret. Jess and her friend Felix also have a secret, which is coming between Jess and her boyfriend, Mark. How will the friends resolve their issues?

How to Save a World

A group of special people gather to save a world from itself. Constant war has decimated the population and the human race is predicted to be extinct in just a few generations. How do they go about saving it?

A Man on a Quest

Rory has been having dreams. He is being pushed off of a high place. His fiancee sends him to see a Dream Reader, but when he returns, she has some shocking news for him.

(This story has been removed because I used part of it in a writing competition, and, as a condition of the competition, I can’t ‘publish’ it anywhere. If you want to read this story, use the feedback page to let me know and I can send a copy to you.)

The Assassin and his Mistress

The King is assassinated and Louise is swept up in the Assassin’s wake. He takes her to the Assassins’ Guild lodge where her fate will be decided.

Being Dead

John is dead. He knows that he is dead, and has known it since he died. So what is it like, being dead?


When Alan is threatened “everything flickers” and he finds himself in a strange new place. He will have to start again from next to nothing. No home, no friends, no money. He needs to find someone who can help him make sense of it all.

The Dichotomy

The Mage and the Boffin go to Hell. They have an interesting talk with the Devil, and they talk about the Great Dichotomy. The Devil is friendly enough until he reveals his true nature.

I am the Apocalypse

A pandemic sweeps the world, and Mack holes up in his apartment. But has he isolated himself in time?

Under the Bridge

The troll didn’t have a name, and the humans teased him. He lived quietly under a bridge, and appreciated the smoothness of a stone, the strength of a rock, and the trickling of a stream. Bur he saves the humans and meets an intriguing fellow stream dweller.

A Cat’s Tale

There was something about the cat, the Boffin decided, that was not quite right. The Mage agreed, so they kept an eye on her. She led them to an encounter with a prickly Cat Queen, and they uncovered a plot.

The Master and the Student

The Master lives high on the mountain known as the Behemoth. He sees climber come to conquer the mountain and often, they die. The Master knows everything, except those things that he deliberately chooses not to know. He is waiting for his Student to appear from the world below.

The Girl

It a time of war, a time of disruption. The girl robs dead bodies for food. Her mother is dead and her father is missing. She is barely surviving, but then one of the dead bodies turns out to be not as dead as she thought.

A Sailor on the Endless Sea of Stars

Azathoth searches for something, but he doesn’t know what for. He travels the infinite universes, searching for life and the meaning of his existence. He meets a girl and lives a full human life, but there is more to him than that.

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