Pet – A Journey

The Road
The Road (Photo by Tyler Kellen from FreeImages)

Imagine a world where men are much less intelligent than women. What would it be like? Jess and Pet’s story is told below. Would the men become little more than pets, or would they still be able to hold their own in a relationship? What would such a relationship look like?

Below you can download a PDF of Jess and Pet’s story, and below that you can find a short teaser for each chapter of the story.


Jess chose her husband, Pet, from the Husband Centre, when she’d just turned nineteen. She had reluctantly agreed to go. when her friends found out that she had never been to one before.

Rogue in the City

Liz, Jess, and Pet seek sanctuary with Liz’s friend, Ruby, but the authorities are still on their tail, and they will have to flee from the city, and disappear into the Wild.

Rogue in the Wild

Jess, Liz and Pet learn how to survive in their new life in the Wild. They learn new skills from their new friend, Lynda. Pet is in heaven, and after a rocky start they make a new friend.

Rogue on the Road

Travelling brings out new aspects of Pet, which pleases Jess. The travelers approach their first destination, so it’s time to decide what to do next. Should they carry on, or should stop where they are? They do a bit of scrubbing and polishing.

Rogue in beldamme

What does the city hold for them? Pet gets new clothes and proposes in an unconventional way. Does Jess understand? There’s trouble with the Beldamme police.

Rogue on the road to Sandra Bay

Trouble on the road and an injury results in an epic journey.

Rogue in Sandra Bay

Relaxing and exploring a seaside town. Friends are reunited.

Rogue (maybe) on the road to Ravensea

Sightseeing and a trip on a ferry. A decision is made.


Friends and family rally around and deep brown eyes.

Please note, I’ve decided to share my stories here as PDFs. If you would prefer a different format, for example, an ePub file, just let me know through my feedback form.

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