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Photography – Yet Again

I wondered if I had ever written a post about photography. So I checked. The answer was that I’ve done quite a few. Oh well, it’s a big subject! I don’t count photography as a hobby of mine, but more … Continue reading

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A Programmer’s Lot is Not a Happy One?

#103918187 / gettyimages.com Well, I don’t know really. Most programmers that I know seem about as happy as the rest of the population, but I was thinking about programming and that variation on “A Policeman’s Lot” from the Pirates of … Continue reading

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Why do things make sense?

Things pretty much make sense. If they don’t we feel that there is a reason that they don’t. We laughingly make up goblins and poltergeist to explain how the keys came to be in the location in which they are … Continue reading

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Android app

I discovered an Android app for WordPress, so I’m giving it a try. (I may remove this post later). The trouble is I don’t yet have a topic. Well, I haven’t yet posted any photographs, apart from the ones that … Continue reading

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This blog…

Any blog needs a theme. Well, this one has at least three. Firstly, I’ve long wanted to gather my thoughts on philosophical topics in one place, so there should be some philosophy in there. I must admit that my philosophical … Continue reading

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