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Embed from Getty Images I’ve just upgraded my desktop computer system. I’ve replaced the CPU, motherboard, RAM, power supply unit, and disk drive. In fact what I’ve really done is build a new computer in the existing case, keeping only … Continue reading

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One Hundred and One

The last post that I made was my 100th post on this blog. I’ve tried to keep blogs before now, but I’ve always failed at some point. There are blogs started by me at various places on the Internet, but … Continue reading

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Blogging – how is it going?

When I started this blog, 60-odd posts ago, I had no idea where it was going. Of course I had some ideas on what I wanted. Philosophy, cooking and photography. As it turns out, there’s been a bit of philosophy … Continue reading

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Android app

I discovered an Android app for WordPress, so I’m giving it a try. (I may remove this post later). The trouble is I don’t yet have a topic. Well, I haven’t yet posted any photographs, apart from the ones that … Continue reading

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